One of the first and most important steps to any credit repair project is to have a clear understanding of your personal credit score and a clear picture of all of the accounts listed on your credit reports.  By clicking the link below you will have Free access to all three of your credit reports from the major credit bureaus as well as your FICO score or credit score.  Many lenders and credit providers will use your FICO score to make a decision on your credit worthiness, so it’s important to know what your score is at all times.  This will also give you a good starting point for your credit repair project and it will also make it easy to track your progress as you quickly and easily improve your credit score.


You will also need to request your FREE credit reports from all three bureaus at the same time as you will be challenging some of the items on your credit report so that they can be removed quickly and provide a boost to your credit score.  You can use the same link above to get your FREE credit score and your FREE credit reports.

Once you have your credit score and credit reports in hand, your next step will be to start establishing new good credit accounts which you can do on our Credit Cards Page.